Affinity Massage Tables

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  • nity Portable Flexible Wooden Massage Table

    Affinity Portable Flexible

  • Affinity Marlin Massage Table Navy Back Lifted

    Affinity Marlin

  • Affinity Versalite Massage Table

    Affinity Versalite Lightweight

  • Affinity Massage Couch

    Affinity Comfortflex

  • Affinity Athlete Sports Massage Table Lifted

    Affinity Athlete

  • Affinity Deluxe Massage Table

    Affinity Deluxe Massage Table

  • affinity 8 ergonomic massage table

    Affinity 8 Ergonomic

  • Affinity Sienna Massage Table With Face Cradle

    Affinity Sienna

  • Massage Table Face Cradle Navy Angle

    Massage Table Face Cradle


Affinity Massage Tables: Premium Quality for Therapeutic Professionals

As a leading UK supplier of holistic therapy equipment, Affinity stands out for its premium affinity massage tables and accessories. Catering to a diverse range of therapeutic professionals, from chiropractors to massage therapists, Affinity ensures top-notch quality that enhances professional credibility and ensures patient comfort.

Why Choose Affinity?

Owned by Certikin International Ltd, Affinity boasts over 50 years of manufacturing excellence. Every affinity massage table reflects superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Trust in Affinity means relying on half a century of design, planning, and product expertise.

Unmatched Quality and Design

Affinity’s commitment to quality is evident in their choice of materials and dedication to research and development. Their treatment couches and accessories prioritize workplace ergonomics and enhance client experiences. Rigorous testing and engineering ensure that an Affinity massage couch stands out in the market.

Features of Affinity Massage Tables

From high-quality foam padding to robust bases, Affinity combines ergonomic features with a sleek design. With a range of models catering to unique needs, Affinity ensures every therapy centre in the UK finds its perfect match.

Choosing Affinity massage tables means prioritizing quality and reliability. Designed keeping in mind the diverse needs of manual therapists, Affinity products promise to elevate every treatment session. Invest in Affinity and experience a product that exceeds expectations.

Authorised Reseller

Massage Tables UK takes pride in being an approved and authorised reseller of Affinity products, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation in the world of massage and holistic therapy equipment. This esteemed partnership underscores Massage Tables UK’s commitment to offering only the best to its clientele. By aligning with Affinity, a brand renowned for its premium massage tables and accessories, Massage Tables UK ensures that professionals across the region have access to top-tier products that enhance their practice and elevate the client experience.